Youlong Guo Chamber concert guitar

Yulong Guo is a guitar maker (Luthier) from China.  He is the most famous guitar


maker in China and he is starting to receive worldwide recognition because of his 


beautiful modern craftsmanship and incredible sound quality.  His instruments are 


all handmade and crafted with all the most modern technological advancements in


guitar making.  Both Cedar and Spruce models are crafted with a Double-Top 


(soundboard) consisting of a Nomex Lattice structure sandwiched between two 


thin layers of solid wood, creating a strong soundboard.  The outer wood, i.e.


Cedar or Spruce, will have the characteristic sound of that wood.  These guitars


have a raised fretboard and a second sound hole located in the upper shoulder 


bout of the guitar.  The back is arched (violined) for greater sustain and projection


of sound and it has an Ebony armrest.  This is the most "user-friendly"


Classical guitar I have ever played. It is loud without sacrificing sound quality.



Youlong Guo Chamber Concert 

​Selling Price $4600


To order Cedar


To order Spruce


Guitar Specs




Top:  Thin (<1mm) Solid Canadian               Cedar/Spruce.  Double-Top

          Nomex Honeycomb Lattice

          Braced structure between

          two tops.


Sides: Solid Indian Rosewood.



Back:   Indian Rosewood (violined)

             arched back with Maple 



Fretboard, Bridge, & Armrest:


            All Ebony. Fretboard 

           is elevated for easier

             reach for the higher 

             registers of the guitar,

            Smooth frets with slight 



Body:   Second sound port with

              Yulong Guo's carved



Width at Nut:  52mm


width at 12th fret:  62mm


scale lenth:  650mm or 640mm


case:  comes with a fiberglass case.


Real Spanish oblique insert-Tie 

Block: twelth hole.



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