Four colors to choose from!

38" scale length

Supper high quality Stagg Gig Bag!


The Aileen OEM (Original Equimnent Manufacturer) makes all thier instrument handmade!  They have been handmaking Violins for over 200 years! Over many years they have been making guitars.  I chose to offer these because they are loud, sound great for the money, & are really good guitars for the beginner guitarist! I upgraded the Gig Bags that come with this guitar so they are nice and padded and high quality! I also put high quality Acoustic guitar strings on them for an even better sound!

Check out our video at the bottom of this page!

Comes with everything you see in the pictures! shipping, tax, & Deluxe Stagg Gig Bag included in price man!





MoralesGuitars is a family owned business. We offer all handmade instruments: Classicals, acoustic, & elecitric.  All at affordable prices.  Find us on facebook


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